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Beating Mandatory Minimums and Suppressing Evidence

Beating Mandatory Minimums and Suppressing Evidence

Recently, in Philadelphia, Leo’s client was charged with firearms and drug offenses that could have meant a mandatory minimum of 5-10 years in jail. As soon as the Superior Court issued its opinion in Commonwealth v. Newman, on August 20, 2014, holding that mandatory minimum sentences were unconstitutional in light of Alleyne v. United States, Leo filed a motion to bar the application of any mandatory minimum sentences on August 21, 2014, which was granted by the trial judge the next day, on August 22, 2014.

Leo also argued a Motion to Suppress Evidence based on the Philadelphia Police Department’s failure to knock and announce before service of a search warrant, in violation of his client’s Constitutional rights. On the eve of trial, the judge granted the motion, the evidence against Leo’s client was suppressed, and his client—who formerly was facing a potential 5-10 year sentence if convicted—had the case against him withdrawn.

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